Scheme Of Work

Aims – This project aims to:

• Make young people aware of the impact of print in our everyday lives.
• Inform students about career opportunities in the printing industry.
• Give students an understanding of the principles of the Fairtrade Foundation.
• Give students the opportunity to develop a ‘print-centric’ campaign for the Fairtrade Foundation.
• Raise student awareness of industrial printing methods.
• Raise student awareness of the technological advances in print.
• Raise student awareness of materials used in the printing industry.
• Raise student awareness of the role of print as part of the global communications industry.
• Give students the opportunity to take part in a ‘live’ competition that will also count towards several of the assessable folio topics in the Standard Grade Graphic Communication Course.

Learning intentions – By the end of this project students will have:

• Worked independently to develop designs for promotional products for use with Fairtrade promotions.
• Considered the information to be communicated on behalf of Fairtrade.
• Worked on designs for a target audience specific to the type of stall, café or sales event they choose.
• Designed a range of print-related items to support a Fairtrade stall, café or sales event.
• Become more aware of the career opportunities in the printing industry.


1. Analyse what is required of the design brief, situation and users.
2. Generate design ideas for a number of printed products for a Fairtrade stall, café or sales event.
3. Present the chosen design solutions for each item.

Method and Resources

This is a series of 4 self contained lesson plans that can be chosen to fit into your Standard Graphic Communication Course. In entirety, the lesson plans provide around 16-20 weeks of lessons. Schools may enter as many of the competitions as they choose. Each stage of the scheme represents the normal teaching time for one week of lessons. (Timings for aspects of the lessons are indicated, where appropriate).

Method (use the exemplar materials where appropriate):

• Introduce the impact that print has on everyday life and the important role it plays for everyone as a medium for: communication, entertainment, learning, news etc (discussion leading on from the introduction).
• Introduce the design brief and discuss the item or items that are required.
• Research the Fairtrade Foundation and the FAIRTRADE Mark.
• Analyse the task fully and record the findings.
• Investigate the target market.


• Exemplar materials including the step-by-step guides from design to completion.
• “The world depends on it” PowerPoint presentation downloaded from members’ area.
• Student competition guide.
• Fairtrade website.
• Evaluation and cover sheets: to contain individual items for submission (downloadable from the Additional Resources page).

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